Advantages of SBO for Legal Professionals


If you have a legal practice in a competitive area of law then you know how hard it can be to use marketing to get new clients. Search Box Optimization (SBO) can make that process easier.

SBO works through the following steps:

  1. Potential clients use search engines to find the lawyers they hire.
  2. 70% of those clients use the autocomplete feature while searching - people want the easiest and most readily available search result.
  3. SBO will place your firm in the autocomplete results for your potential clients to see and select.
  4. When your prospects click on your autocomplete result they will see a results page filled with information about your firm.

So SBO will give you a major online presence in search engines for your area of law. Also, you won't have any competition because the SBO search keywords are exclusively yours and will not be sold to another firm.


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