Case Study for Bee Window

Search Box Optimization case study for Bee Window


Being one of the largest window replacement companies in Indiana, Bee Window must maintain a high level of sales per month to continue to grow and fund their multiple locations. Given the escalating cost of marketing, with PPC costs going up much faster than other operational costs and facing the need to implement an effective and low-cost marketing solution, Search Box Optimization fit their needs perfectly. Bee Window was able to utilize SBO’s ability to target specific keyword phrases, allowing Bee Window to target their high-income services and grow their business customer base.

Recognizing the need for a more sustainable and financially viable approach, Bee Window embraced the opportunity provided by Search Box Optimization (SBO) services. A Local SBO campaign offered a compelling alternative with its low fixed-cost monthly fee, presenting a stark contrast to the variable and often high costs associated with traditional digital advertising methods. This shift to SBO not only promised to lower their overall marketing expenses but also provided a strategic advantage in online search visibility.

Bee Window strategically invested in "window replacement " and “home improvement” keywords within four key areas - “Window Replacement Indianapolis”, “Window Replacement Fort Wayne”, “Window Replacement Lafayette”, “Window Replacement South Bend”, “Indiana home remodeling contractors”, aiming to maximize their reach and effectiveness in these targeted locations. By adopting SBO, they positioned themselves to achieve more efficient customer acquisition, leveraging the power of search engine autosuggestions to drive relevant traffic to their website at a substantially reduced cost. This strategic move marked a pivotal step in optimizing their marketing spend while enhancing their online presence in the competitive window installation market.

Results and Impact

The implementation of SBO for Bee Window yielded impressive results and significantly enhanced their online engagement metrics. The following key outcomes were achieved:

  • Increase in Sessions: Bee Window realized an immediate uptick in website traffic, enjoying a 58% increase. This substantial growth indicates that more potential customers interacted with the website, reflecting enhanced online presence and visibility.
  • Growth in Users: The number of unique users visiting Bee Window’s site saw a remarkable 31% rise, growing from 832 to 1,092 users. This indicates that the SBO campaign effectively attracted a larger audience, reaching more individuals seeking windows.
  • Improvement in Bounce Rate: The bounce rate decreased nearly 20%, which dramatically improved the brand’s SEO efforts. This major reduction suggests that visitors were more engaged with the site’s content, spending more time and exploring more pages.


See the attached file for a report showing search traffic specifically from the SBO campaign.The report shows the monthly clicks on Bee Window's keyword phrases in the autocomplete. These clicks indicate the number of prospective customers who selected the Bee Window autocomplete suggestions while doing an online search. Since the SBO autocomplete suggestions appear before the search is run, the prospects' attention was captured at the moment they were interested in Bee Window's services. When prospects clicked on a suggestion, they were shown search results which, for the most part, only showed links to the Bee Window website, videos, and business listings.

Here’s what the owner of Bee Window said about their results from using SBO:

“Implementing the Search Box Optimization program has been the single most effective marketing program we have ever put into effect. It works and is extremely cost effective.” - CEO, Bee Window, Inc.


These results demonstrate the effectiveness of using SBO to boost Bee Window’s online engagement and reach. The increase in both sessions and users highlights the service’s ability to help clients attract and retain a larger, more engaged audience. Overall, these numbers show that the SBO campaign successfully provided more meaningful interactions with potential customers while saving on marketing costs.



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