Case Study for Junk Valet, Inc

Search Box Optimization case study for Junk Valet, Inc


Company Objectives

Junk Valet, Inc. was facing a market where a new junk removal company was popping up every week. Robert, the CEO and owner, was looking at the best way to get his customers to see him first without spending too much on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns that brought him zero quality leads. He was also starting up a new service in his business for pressure washing. He wanted 4 keywords to cover his immediate city, Oceanside, and the larger San Diego area for both "junk removal" and "pressure washer."



See the attached files for screenshots from Google Analytics comparing Junk Valet Inc.'s site traffic before and after SBO was implemented. The results were as follows:

  • Sessions increased 94% - from 216 to 419.
  • Users increased 98% - from 200 users to 395 users.
  • Bounce Rate decreased from 82.4% to 61.6% - meaning their visitors were much more engaged.

Here’s what the owner of Junk Valet, Inc. said about their results from using SBO:

"I didn’t know how well the SBO autocomplete would work, and since I never considered Bing, I was a sceptic  on whether the Bing autocomplete would give me business. They showed me my competitors on Bing using the search term 'Junk Removal Oceanside', and I knew I had to have a strong presence on Bing.

We try to source every call to see where the lead came from, and in my five years of business I've never heard anyone say 'I saw you on Bing'. In the past few months, with me being in the autocomplete, I have had a bunch of calls say they found me on Bing. I received 8 new jobs the first month on Bing from the autocomplete. I am so excited, and my business has gotten much busier! Thank you!! Now I’m going to start a PPC with Bing."

- Robert, CEO and President of Junk Valet, Inc.


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